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Now it's super easy to stay up to date with the latest news from, in a beautifully designed, metro inspired application!

  • All the latest news right on the main page.
  • Option to filter news by category.
  • Comprehensive sharing options, including support for Twitter and Facebook.
  • Direct links to full web based version of each article.
  • Beautiful metro inspired design.
  • More features coming soon! Download now to automatically receive updates!

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Version History

1.0 Initial Release.
1.1 Styling updates.
1.2 Bug fixes and performance improvements.
1.3 Updated design and better interface interaction.
1.4 Shortened URLs when sharing articles so you can easily share on Twitter (in addition to the other sharing options)!
1.5 Design changes to make the text easier to read and now external links are opened in the app.
2.0 New Windows Phone 8 version with option to remove all ads! (as requested). Live tile so you'll never miss out on the latest tech news.